Monday, December 12, 2011

Punk Rock Luv

How Lux and Ivy met, get ready to swoooooooon
LUX INTERIOR: First time I saw her she was walking down the street, hitch- hiking, and she was wearing a halter top and short shorts with a big hole in the ass with red panties showing through. I was with this other guy, a friend of mine, and we both just went, "Who-o-o-oh!" We pulled over and I think I had a hard-on about three seconds after I saw her. It was 1972, and we were at Sacramento State college, although saying it was a college is stretching it a bit. You'd get credit for going there and everything, but it was just a bunch of weirdoes. It was crazy. Half the teachers were just fucking the students and getting paid for it. It was really a great time, those days. Really a creative environment. We had to register for our classes and we had this pamphlet in the car that told you what classes you could take, and one was called Art and Shamanism. I remember I said: "What is shamanism?" She explained it to me, and I thought, boy, that sounds pretty interesting, I think I'll take that. And then when I showed up for that class she was there.
I remember the first day of that class, the teacher had us all sit around in a circle on the floor and hold hands. It was some kind of weird exercise, some mumbo-jumbo crazy cult thing where there was supposed to be energy which would fly around clockwise, and then he made it go counter-clockwise. It was great, it really worked, but just holding hands with her I felt about a thousand times the energy that I was getting from him. She's incredibly beautiful, that was the first thing I noticed. And then when I talked to her she was incredibly smart, too. We just had a bond. A week and a half, maybe two weeks later we started living together. We just couldn't hard- ly stand to be away from each other. People would even tell us: "That's not right, it's not healthy, you guys shouldn't be spending all your time together." And they tell us that to this day.
It was a while on before the group actually happened. All my life I'd been to see rock'n'roll bands, but I'd never quite been in one myself until I met her. I remember her saying, "Well, we should do that", and I'd say, "Well, yeah, I guess we could do that", and she'd go, "Of course we could do it!" I think we just talked each other into it. Sometimes you have friends and they'll talk you out of doing things. They'll say: "You? Oh yeah, sure." But the same thing can happen, you'll meet someone who'll talk you into doing things, too. If I hadn't met Ivy I might just still be going to rock'n'roll shows.
She's really courageous and she's really smart. At first, when we started out we just wanted to have fun and we didn't want to have anything to do with the business part of all this band stuff, but every time we've tried to have somebody manage us it's been some kind of a bad experience, so she's taken over managing the band and she really does it great. That's why the Cramps are still around after all this time, because she cares about it and she's capable of unbelievable acts. This is our dreamchild or something, this is something that we make and we do together, and we're real protective of it. And we're also appreciative of the fact that we invented this thing called the Cramps, and from that has sprung a subculture of people all over the world, and we feel we're representative of them. We take that real seriously. We've thought about having children before, but we've always been so busy doing this, and this seems more important to us. We have three cats and we can't even stand to leave them to go on tour. So I don't know how we'd deal with a child.
We're different in a lot of ways. I tend to fly off the handle and go crazy and start screaming and she tends to be a bit wiser and calmer and more patient than I am - before she starts going wild, too. I think she's a lot classier than I am, but I think I've gained a lot of class from her. It's hard to figure out how we're different because we're together all the time and we always do everything together. In a way it's kind of one thing, me and her, but she's also very much an individual and very strong. She grows like a tree. She's faceted like a diamond. There's a million sides to Ivy and I just love all of them.
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Burger

Please wrap all presents in this paper please. thank you. Via Gift Couture

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Parents Were Awesome

Before you came along and ruined your parent's looks, life and future they were once free wheelin rad dudes. All photo's from My Parents Were Awesome . On a side note, can I get your Dad's number from 1976? He was a FOX

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas List Part 1

I'm pretty greedy, so here is merely part 1. Part 2 will come along when I can think of some other rad shit I would like. What do you all want for the Holidays?

Some classic shades
A plain black clutch from American Apparel, actually, any color really is fine
Any of the extremely overpriced faux vintage shirts from Wild Fox
A Pamela Love claw necklace, so I can scratch bitch's eyes out in styleeee
A food processor, cause I'm crazy domestic like that
I'll never say no to some of my signature Marc Jacobs

Easyriders Mags from the 70's
A nameplate necklace (with my name duh, and in GOLD)
crazy bitchin varsity jacket (I will also accept a gift certificate to here, where I can make my own
THIS perfect, perfect, perfect bag
A jacket I can only hope to look as classy in

An awesome pair of ugly wedges
An amazing commuter bike that doesn't look lame and allows me to still wear obscenely short skirts
But more than all this I want health and happiness for my cherished friends and family. And a Trans Am. Gold.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak Peak

Just a couple sneak shots from around the house

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Plane Manners

Sorry for the extended absence, I've been traveling for work, Currently about to get on my 8th flight in 5 days. yikes. In my personal and professional life I am often flying and I have come to the conclusion that many people don't know how to fly. I don't mean to be negative, but jesus fuck. What is wrong with travelers today? Granted not everyone is a degenerate asshole but the majority act like serious doofuses. That being said I have put together a little list of plane manners for those who need it.. Now I know none of my enlightened readers are amoung the cretins who I am speaking so please feel free to print this out and keep them with you. When you need it pass it along to travel morons I know you are giving the side eye to. Then run away, cause they might try and hit you.

A) please do not bring your smelly ass odor fest food onboard. Plane air is recycled and that shit you're eating i am inhaling and trying desperately not to hurl from into my motion sickness bag. I love curry and egg salad as much as anyone. Just not at 30,000 feet.

B) when boarding the plane, do not jump up and crowd the ticket checker like cattle, jostling everyone in your path to get on first. See that little piece of paper in your hand? That's a ticket, we all have a seat. Sit down and chill the fuck out.

C) conversely, when deboarding the plane dont push to get up front first. We exit row by row and it's incredibly rude and self centered to line jump

D) if you have a window or aisle seat don't be a dick to the poor soul stuck in the middle seat. They get both armrests. If you have to use it to plug something in, that's fine but for gods sakes get your elbows off of it

E) the airport is not your bedroom. I don't care how fucking stringent the TSA is. I dont want to see your toes (flip-flops) or your pajamas. Dress like a human for fucks sake. Brush your hair, put on a respectable outfit And burn those damn tweety bird sweatpants

F) if the gate is crowded, don't take up 3 seats with your shit. You are not the only person who wants to sit down. Also, hogging more than one outlet for your electronics (unless there are plenty available) is the height of dickdom.

G) Dont recline your seat. It only goes back like 2 inches anyway but it really fucks shit up for the person behind you. Especially if they are using a laptop.

H) make sure your earbuds or headphones aren't "leaky" I don't want to hear your shitty shit music 2nd hand (this also applies to every single day of life anywhere)

I) Say please, thank you and smile at the flight attendants, pilots, everyone. Why do I even have to write this? Has everyone been raised in a barn???

J) don't have loud, obnoxious, telephone calls while taxiing, or boarding. You are not that important and I could care less if Tom did not staple the cover sheet to the TPS report. Or if your catsitter only read one bedtime story to muffin. Use your indoor voice.

K) when flying to Vegas or any other party hotspot please do not assume everyone else on board is on their way to a booze and roofie fueled sex romp. That means, no whooping repeatedly, no yelling "VEGAS" at the top of your lungs, and if you are getting drunk on the plane (like me) hold your liquor like a man and don't tell me how wasted you are.

L) don't go number 2. Unless it is a dire emergency. See rule number one. Recycled air people. Phew, sorry. I had to get that out of my system. Any rules you guys feel like adding also?