Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coconut Records

I don't really listen to too much new music, my tastes generally lay in decades past. One artist however has totally got a stranglehold on my ear drums.......Coconut Records!! Its Jason Schwartzman's solo project and its absolutely divine . Its dreamy, poppy at times, totally catchy and just evokes this distinctly California sound. He has two records out now. Nighttiming and Davy. Both are fantastic but I recommend checking out his debut record, Nighttiming, first.

The cover of Nighttiming. Arty isn't it?


Dirty Donny said...

That album rules!

TEZ said...

Very bizzare how things work...if you asked me who Jason Schwartzman was I would have shrugged my shoulders. Then I get Dons post to check out ya blog. I then see a photo and think "that looks a hell of a lot like that dude in a dvd I watched last night"...a quirky film called The Darjeeling Limited set on a train by the same name, in India. It stars Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and as it turns out, Jason Schwartzman. So he is not only an actor but a muso too. The album cover from Nighttiming looks like it is a set shot taken from that movie. I'll have to check his music out. Useless information I know, but I just thought it was coincidental...congrats on your new blog!

Dirty Donny said...

He's also the kid from Rushmore.