Friday, August 13, 2010

Billy Idol

So this coming Tuesday Donny and I are going to check out the rock stylings of Billy Idol

Billy and I have had a long relationship. It has waned and waxed with the years but we always find ourselves back together....

It began when I was about 13, I had long known and loved his Rebel Yell era music but while paurusing a record store I saw his first band (I think, I'm no music expert) band the Untouchables. I picked up the record and it has since made its way to California, Its one of my oldest possesions......

I swooned when he was in Wedding Singer and when I was 16 I tattooed "Rebel Yell" on my wrist.still there.duh.

When I was 17 (can you hear Frank Sinatra singing that part?) I went to a Casino in Bum Fuck upstate NY to see him play with some friends. We were exceedingly punk and the crowd was exceedingly old. We screamed and hollared until he noticed us in the crowd and gave a shout out. We spent the rest of the night searching the Casino for him.

We kinda lost touch for a while but he was always right on in my book. Even if he looks like a parody of himself now. He will always remind me of days gone by. And I still have to look at the stupid rebel yell on my wrist everyday.

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