Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry for the abscence. I've been incredibly uninspired, but a lightning bolt from Zeus himself struck my brain today and all I could hear and think about within my minds eye was that of the music of angels themself.....ABBA.
Now, I don't care how fucking punk or cool you are, or how many records-that-never-were-actually-made-by-musicians-that-never-actually-existed you have, no-one can deny the awesome power of ABBA.

Musically, the layers of sound are outa site, the harmonies and vocals unparrellel and I'm sorry, How could you have a problem with totally hot babes and hairy men? IN MATCHING OUTFITS!!!

Donny and I love ABBA, we bonded over our mutual obsession over Fernando, and he even took it so far as to make a shirt for those of us enlightened enough to rock it.

Exhibit A for Awesome

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