Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. Unicorner October- Gary Oldman

Every October, as it starts to inch closer and closer to Halloween, Donny and I pull out our favorite horror movies and take a nice little trip down memory lane. One film that I will never get enough of (and seriously could double as soft core porn if you're desperate) is Bram Stoker's Dracula. Far and away one of the best films of our time and most certainly the greatest vampire film.

You hear that Twilight? Real vampires fuck, drink blood, and turn into devil beasts. Not sparkly rainbows.

Anyway, One of the many reasons that film is so untouchable is that it is headed by none other than the amazing Gary Oldman.
Not many actors can blend and jump from role to role so seamlessly and bring such powerful performances with the subtlest of nuances. Also, not many actors are that god damn hot. Seriously? What is with that stone cold fox? I think in another post I'm going to tackle the subject of hot weird looking dudes. You know who they are.......
To get back to my point, Gary is certainly an antagonist in many of his roles and since Halloween is all about the bad guy I am naming him our Mr. Unicorner October.

I remember when I first saw him in Sid and Nancy as wee little thing and it immediately shaped my taste for men for the next decade. In hindsight maybe I should have watched him in another role first, a taste for drug addicted punk rockers does no one any good. But I digress, he was equally as mesmerizing as Sid Vicious as he was Beethoven.

Keep on keepin on Gary, you are one fine piece of ass. And a damn good actor to boot.

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egg pants said...

gotta agree with you, hes great. one of my all time favs of actors...