Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All things ceramic

Phew! What a week! I just got back from a whirlwind 2 part trip. Last week Donny and I went to Hawaii for some much needed time off. It was amazing, as soon as we get through the insane amount of pictures we took I'll post about it. We got home on Saturday night and then early Sunday morning I left with one of my best gals, Maya, for a little thrifting adventure (coincidentally, Maya has an awesome blog, check it out We blew through Vegas, Phoenix and Flagstaff in 3 days and just got home last night. It was a lot of fun and I can not wait to share the goodies I procured.

Anywho, back to ceramics. Donny and I are obssesed with em. The weirder, uglier, and hairier they are the more we love em. If you couldnt tell by our blogs we have the collecting gene (there is one I swear!) So today I'd like to share a very small part of our collection as well as a few I found while thrifting with Maya. More to come!!

I got these Beauties while Maya and I were on the road. Just a few more unicorns (the one with the holes is an earring tree) and some other jems

This Owl was a gift from my Mom

This is a little bit of our Psycho Ceramic collection. They are by Kreiss Ceramics and usually come accompanied with funny sayings on metal or paper cards or printed on the actually ceramic

and a few of our creepy, hairy guys

Sorry for the crappy pic quality, I just got an IPhone today and really wanted to try the camera out


Anonymous said...

unicorn earring tree!!!!!!!!! good times and good finds!

TEZ said...

Some real wacky ceramics ya got there.
I know what you mean about the collecting gene, don't know where or whom I got mine from though?, but I'm sure I've passed it onto my sons! may wish to checkout my new blog UTTER DAPPER AMASS,all stuff kool,kitsch & querky!