Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flag you all

While I think we can all agree the US has it's fair share of problems there is one aspect that we fucking EXCEL at.

Flag Design.

Now Ive seen a lot of flags in my day but how many look so damn good as the ol' stars and bars? And so fashion forward! I swear, every time I see Old Glory flowing majestically in the breeze I can not help but wonder what an awesome tunic or beach towel it would make. I know I have a lot of International readers and I would love to know if your countries flags also make rad bikinis? No, really. I would like to know. I'm willing to bet if all the members of the UN had their caucuses in their countries bikinis, shit would go down much easier. Though I believe no ones bikini would inspire beer bongs as much as the USA's.

Ed Note: I used the below pic in a post last month but really, I mean, this image is so perfect I wish I could tattoo it on the inside of my eyeballs

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Gretchen said...

Hope i could have one! ;-))))