Thursday, April 14, 2011

If Wishes Were Fishes Part 3

I have noticed that whenever I post a wish list some of inevitably comes true. So I'm going to tempt fate once more and get my greedy on. Presenting a few items I can certainly live without but would make a girls day to receive.

1) A trip to Kauai with my main man, it's been less than a year since our last visit and I'm already trying to come up with an ailment that only Hawaiian beaches can cure

2) A jumpsuit ala Joan or Cherie's here. Anyone up for making me one? I'll pay you in laughter, cookies and money

3)An awesome collection of dream catchers. How cool is this 5 tiered one?

4)In keeping with the Native American theme, a right on pair of minnetonka moccasin boots!

5) A black shrunken motorcycle jacket to look rad in

6)A little baby Pug brother or sister for Brock Samson. The mini Eames chair would be nice also

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