Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walter Moers

Off to Salt Lake City for work this week, in fact I'm writing out this half ass blog at the gate right now. I got to thinking as I was lugging my carry on around, which is way too heavy (not cause of the accessories I packed, which I didn't, shocking I know) but due to the fact I insist on carrying around a mini library with me where ever I go. Now, I love reading on my Ipad, and I don't completely turn my nose up at kindles but I am a purist (and I do work for a publishing company after all) and nothing for me beats the tangible quality of real paper books.

I'm terribly hard on mine, all of them are missing jackets, dog eared to the enth degree, splattered with drinks and snack stains, but each of these markers reminds me of the previous reading (for example, the brown stain on page 136 of Brave New World was made when I was trying to read and drink at a traffic light and got beeped at so startled I spilled my coffee). See, there are certain titles I return to again and again...and again....and again. While I am always on the look out for something new and exciting I have a roster of old faithfuls I cycle through on a regular basis. One of my favorite series (and the reason my bag is so damn heavy) is that of the inhabitants of Zamonia scribed by the unparalleled Walter Moers. He's been described as a mix of JK Rowling, Shel Silvertein (the playboy stuff) and hitch hikers guide to the galaxy all for adults. Suffice it to say if you live in a fantasy world like I do, but don't want to be patronized he is your golden god. Do yourself a favor and check out his epic tomes. Or better yet, you can borrow mine, just don't mind all the stains.

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