Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love's Baby Soft

Love's Baby Soft. I challenge you to find any girl born between 1970-1985 who doesn't squeal "OMG!!! Love's was TOTALLY my first perfume!!!!!" when you mention the name. I remember receiving my first bottle and realizing that now, I am a Woman. It was a defining moment in my life and to this day whenever I see a bottle in Walgreens I take a whiff and am instantly transported back to a time when side ponytails and oversize sweaters were de rigueur.
It wasnt until I was checking out my friend Allison's awesome blog Hubba Hubba that I noticed the insane ads they used to propagate. Once you get passed the sheer pedo-ass vibe of it all they are kinda fantastically fucked up.

Yet I still have an urging to buy the whole line......

most of these images are either off of Hubba Hubba or Flickr

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