Tuesday, July 19, 2011

County Fair!!

When dreaming of summer most of my fantasies center around the legendary County Fair. Potato sack slides, corn dogs, giant beers, fat ass pigs (actual ones as well as locals), magestic horses with flowing manes, fun houses, AIRBRUSH SHIRTS (anyone who knows me even a little is aware of my airbrush obssession), local crafts and sunshine. Seriously, nothing makes for a more magical day. Except for when the aging rock band with 1 original member takes the stage under the glow of fireworks and belts out 4 different renditions of their one hit song. Cherry on the fucking top I say. Well, that time is upon us once more, this weekend I fully intend to buy as much tooled leather as I can carry, drink 14 beers out of glass cowboy boots and pretend to be scared at the haunted house. What is your favorite part about Summer?

*ed note: when I typed in "County Fair Potato Slide" into Google image search pretty much only pictures of me and my friends showed up. We really like potato sack slides!

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