Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas List Part 1

I'm pretty greedy, so here is merely part 1. Part 2 will come along when I can think of some other rad shit I would like. What do you all want for the Holidays?

Some classic shades
A plain black clutch from American Apparel, actually, any color really is fine
Any of the extremely overpriced faux vintage shirts from Wild Fox
A Pamela Love claw necklace, so I can scratch bitch's eyes out in styleeee
A food processor, cause I'm crazy domestic like that
I'll never say no to some of my signature Marc Jacobs

Easyriders Mags from the 70's
A nameplate necklace (with my name duh, and in GOLD)
crazy bitchin varsity jacket (I will also accept a gift certificate to here, where I can make my own
THIS perfect, perfect, perfect bag
A jacket I can only hope to look as classy in

An awesome pair of ugly wedges
An amazing commuter bike that doesn't look lame and allows me to still wear obscenely short skirts
But more than all this I want health and happiness for my cherished friends and family. And a Trans Am. Gold.

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