Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monster Revolt

In case you were not aware, my husband Donny is one bad ass artist, most people know him as Dirty Donny. For the 2nd year in a row he is offering a subscriber package full of crazy amazing shit. Check it out below, and then go tell your parents/significant other etc if they loved you this will be under your tree/menorah/what have you this holidays season. Also, don't forget to check out Donny's bitchin blog, Street Walking Cheetah with a Handful of Crayons (I guest blog on there as well, mostly naked girls and stuff)

It's that time of year again, Monster Revolt Sign Up!! Last years
packages were so well received we decided to do it again with even
more amazing incentives (one if them being a brand new Dirty Donny
bell helmet, your choice in color and size!)

If you were a member last year, in addition to the 2011-2012 line, you
also receive an original black line drawing by yours truly as a bonus.

For those of you new to the club here is a little history

Monster Revolt club is a service for Dirty Donny fans that for one
flat fee get every poster, toys, stickers and limited edition products
Donny makes during that year. The first shipment you receive already
is worth more than the sign up cost!

Here are some of the far out things you can expect this year

-Dirty Donny Bell Helmet DOT approved (your choice in color and size
Stars and Bars or Heartbreaker)
-Dirty Donny AMT van model kit
-Dirty Donny Creature skateboards
- 4 to 8 Limited Edition screen print posters
-Brand new DD poster pop sticker set
-James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Dunlop guitar picks and tins designed by DD
- Sealed DD Kid Robot Dunny
-Screen printed membership card
- New Dunlop pic tin sets and straps
-Artist Series trading Cards!

This year we will also be doing a Fender Guitar giveaway. We will draw the names of the first 10 people to sign up and the winner gets a brand new DD Fender Frankenstein acoustic guitar!

Sign up is $500 (papal only)
US shipping is free, Canada customers are an extra $100 and Overseas
are an extra $150

Email Donny with your full name and address to sign up! (I will give you the paypal address)
dirty donny at gmail dot com

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