Friday, July 22, 2011

29 before 29

Next Saturday is my birthday (July 30th in case you want to send me anything). 28 fucking years old. Le sigh. Well, seeing as I oft have the best intentions but have a little problem with follow through I am putting my "29 things BEFORE 29" in internet writing so you can hold me accountable. So here it is, 29 things I want to accomplish before I turn 29.

1) Get a Bike…..and ride it
2) Really, truly organize my closet
3) take a tropical vacation, it's been a year and I'm itching for some white sand beaches bitches
4) Get my finger tattoo removed (Hey kids, don't do it!)
5) Not freak out about 30 looming closer and closer and just fucking come to terms with it
6) Blog at least 3X a week (this really is a present for you, I am very selfless)
7) Outline my business plan, get off my ass and start getting the wheels turning
8) Start doing my own mani/pedis (seeing as I'll be a broke business owner soon this will be necessary
9) Plant a vegetable garden
10) Make my holiday gifts (see reason for #8)
11) Go to Disney Land at least twice
12) Visit the farmers market on a more regular basis
13) Go on a weekend getaway with my mom
14) Put out our Crystal Ball Street Kids tape
15) Play a Crystal Ball Street Kids show
16) Stay out all night, till the sun comes up
17) Write more to my overseas family
18) Have a Vegas weekend (next month for Bart's bday!!)
19) Finish Donny and I's secret bar project
20) go dancing more
21) Get a new daily driver. Something completely boring and reliable
22) Go on a camping trip in the van
23) Make sure the people closest to me know how much I love them
24) Finish our bedroom makeover
25) Do some bitchin photo shoots
26) party waaaay more.
27) Perfect a karaoke song
28) Learn to skate backwards
29) Take more chances

also, someone make me this cake.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mr.July Unicorner: Paul Newman

Since Ive been such a shitty blogger I realize I have missed quite a few posts, one of them being the epically popular (.....) Mr. Unicorner feature. Seeing as its hot, hot July and the sun is baking everyone's testicles off in every place but San Francisco (seriously, I'm fucking coooold) I thought I'd serve us up a heaping helping of cool.

Also known as Paul Newman.

Hotter than Hell on Sunday, cooler than an (insert witty line) and not too mention the fine purveyor of delicious organic goods as well as friend to animals (and ladies) alike. He was a race car driver, a babe, and even at 83 I still would have made out with him. Probably more. Definitely more (and if any girl tells you different she is lying). That being said he loved his family and when asked if he would cheat he famously said "Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home?" And that ladies and gentlemen is almost hotter than he himself. Almost.

County Fair!!

When dreaming of summer most of my fantasies center around the legendary County Fair. Potato sack slides, corn dogs, giant beers, fat ass pigs (actual ones as well as locals), magestic horses with flowing manes, fun houses, AIRBRUSH SHIRTS (anyone who knows me even a little is aware of my airbrush obssession), local crafts and sunshine. Seriously, nothing makes for a more magical day. Except for when the aging rock band with 1 original member takes the stage under the glow of fireworks and belts out 4 different renditions of their one hit song. Cherry on the fucking top I say. Well, that time is upon us once more, this weekend I fully intend to buy as much tooled leather as I can carry, drink 14 beers out of glass cowboy boots and pretend to be scared at the haunted house. What is your favorite part about Summer?

*ed note: when I typed in "County Fair Potato Slide" into Google image search pretty much only pictures of me and my friends showed up. We really like potato sack slides!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fuck I'm Sorry

I know, I know......bad blogger. I can't help it, I've been incredibly uninspired as of late. I just couldn't bring myself to do any half ass posts, I wanted to come back with a fucking BANG. Guess what? I totes am too.

In the past month Donny and I have been rocking the fuck out of the music world (also known as our house) For a long time we have been talking about starting a band and since we were in possesion of a bitchin keytar as well as a Mac with garage band we decided the time was now. So check out our smooth and rad sounds below. And if you really love me (please love me) go to our facebook page and "like" us. I desperatley need the validation (no, I really really do)


the following photos below pretty much sum up our M.O