Monday, April 4, 2011

What's Your Sign?

I'm pretty obsessed with star signs, I have been known on occasion (by occasion I mean within 10 minutes of meeting you) ask a person's sign just so I can start making judgements based on their base personality traits before I even fully know them.



Anyway, being a Leo obviously means I like my sign the best. Typical of my breed I am gregarious as they come and live to be pampered and adored. Of course this means that when I was searching for vintage zodiac images and I couldn't find any amazing Leo ones I took it as a personal affront. Humph.

So, I'll throw the questions out there, What's your sign fellow Unicorner? Also, what do you like best about being said sign?
If anyone has any amazing vintage zodiac imagery, email it to I'm working on an extra special project with Donny I can't wait to share and zodiac has a little something to do with it.



1 comment:

Shit Leopard said...

VIRGO. And like 6 other family members of mine are too. Fun loving, but intense, we are. AY-YO.