Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fill Your Trunk With Pedro's Junk

First off I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to the people who have been visiting the Unicorner. I never imagined anyone but my mom or Donny would care about the stupid shit I say on a daily basis (and even they block it out most of the time) I'll try and keep thinking of semi interesting things to talk about!

I took a lot of road trips as a child. My grandparents and parents hauled me all over creation and back multiple times and I count myself lucky to have been able to see much of the United States from the backseat of their Lincoln.

Most of the time the country past in a blur for me while I wiled away my time reading this and that, but one special rad side attraction (typo and I'm keeping it!, whoah, I think I just stubbled across the title for my book! Rad Side Attractions! I called it, don't go stealing it from me now) always roused me from my literary studies ie babysitters club.

South of the Border! Fill your trunk with Pedro's Junk Bitches!!!

It was the best and most important stop while on the way to Disney World. I brought home so many rattlesnake eggs, dream catchers, sombrero's and Indiana Jones bullwhips over the years I could have opened my own tourist stand.

From at least 5 miles away you could see Pedro beckoning to you, his cheeky grin promising tons of fun! I always clamored out of the car to be the first one to get on the jackalope ( Or only one, I take it from looking at old family photo's no one was as eager to ride it as I was)

But before even that you would spot the Billboards for Pedros from hundreds of miles in any direction. My favorite said "Hey Kids! Start screaming now, you are only 100 miles from Pedros!"

Great Idea Pedro!

I know someone else must have Pedro stories! Give it up, any of you awesome people been to Pedros?

PS I am working on an EPIC road trip post I will share soon. It is NOT to be missed


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