Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer Time Blues

San Francisco and the Bay Area recently went through an unseasonably warm spell. Like, it was seriously hot for a hot minute (haha). While this Winter has been mild and pleasant by anyone's standards the teasing touch of seeing the thermometer hit the 80 degree mark made me start dreaming of Summer. I can't wait for sweaty days and breezy nights, camping trips, dresses sans tights, Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk, County Fairs.....

Granted San Francisco is cold as fuck through most of July but the rest of the Bay Area and surrounding towns are happily enjoying the warmth and they are just a stones throw away. Here are some of things I can't wait for and memories I happily relive in preparation.

Seagrams Sweet Tea and Soda (served in a mason jar or nothing at all)
The most perfect summer drink. F U haterz.

Weekend road trips to the family Palm Springs house with Donny. Pool, hot tub, pug, thrifting, alone time.....

Roller skating at the rink on a hot night. Retro night!!! And !Girls Days Out

County Fair!! Airbrush, tooled leather, giant beers and potato sack slide

Summer time trip to Canada. I can't wait to see all my buddies not wrapped up in layers or in this case a Halloween costume (that might make an appearance though)

My Birthday (National Holiday) don't ask how old, a lady never tells.

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