Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick, quite possibly one of the greatest looks of all time. What is bad about color blocked mini dresses, jockey hats, short shorts and winning smiles? Not to mention that fresh squeezed lemonaide and the piece de resistance, corndogs, are inevitably part of the mixture. Nothing is bad with it, in fact, EVERYTHING is right on.

Every year around this time I start thinking about how much I want a uniform. I toy around with the idea of getting a job there for a week, I scour ebay, I lament and whine about the subsequent failure of either idea and I hope upon hope that I will magically find one before Halloween, promising myself that I will make one if time starts running out. More often the not I forget a few months later and then the cycle begins anew the following Winter.

So here is my public promise that I will have a hot dog on a stick uniform to wear on All Hallows Eve this year or at least a very crafty reader or friend will help me make one. Hint, hint. On Halloween 2011 I will proudly sport my bitchin outfit and I promise to carry corn dogs to hand out.

In slightly related news Disneyland was totally radical. I'm still processing the overwhelming amount of information so I will do a full update in a couple days.

Brock looking adorable in his hotdog outfit and Sigourney looking....well looking something but I don't think it is adorable.

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