Saturday, February 19, 2011

Roller Disco

So last night marked my triumphant return to the roller rink. By triumphant I obviously mean I only fell once! I did run into a wall though at pretty high speeds. No harm done, the swelling to my cheekbone is like free cheek implants. Huzzah!

These are my rad skates, Donny custom painted the unicorn ones for me!

Even though my skill is severely lacking nothing makes me happier. Throw on some bitchin toons, strap on those quads (PS wearing roller blades to a skating rink, no matter how good you are, is the height of lame) and feel the wind blowing in my feathered hair. Add some black lights, gold sequins and disco balls for good measure (as well as the beers we shotgunned in the parking lot before going in. what can I say, everything hurts less after a few shotgunned brewskies) and you have the ingredients for a radical night on the town!

I wish I had some photos to share, but like usual I was having too much fun being in the moment and forgot to document it. Besides I was moving like lighting, you would have never caught me on film........not really.

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