Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspiration Station

Soooooo, I would like to add to the growing pile of regular features here on The Unicorner. We have already seen "Mr.Unicorner" Rad Dudes that woman want and men want to be (and I don't know if you've been paying attention but it's about that time and March's Mr.Unicorner is going to be revealed tomorrow!)There is also "Style Assault" Style profiles of our favorite actor, musicians and what-have-you's and now the latest to join the ranks........

Inspiration Station!!Toot Toot!! Hop on board for a quick look at some images that have been fueling my brain with radness. Now, onto the inspiration!

Well, Hello there classy lady, might I ask which finishing school you attended? I only want to know because I have high aspirations of being as demure rose just like you. Also, notice the baby mama in the back right, is that a baby carriage in front of her?

I still can not get over how much better teenagers in the 70's were. And if you were a teenager in the 70's and disagree I only have to ask you to view this and then disagree with me

then again every decade has it's epic fails. Cute dresses though.


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