Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not cool man

First things first, I will not start this post with the words "I would like to...." I just reread my last two posts and realized I used that phrase 3 times in about 4 sentences. Don't judge me, I was 3 vodka-soda's in for the evening.

Alright, moving right along. Music can usually be summed up into 3 catagories
1) awesome party time.
2) falling/being in love
3) broken heart/shitty BF's and GF's

Now I'm not saying there isnt a plethora of subject matter out there ranging political (hellooooo Crass) to downright absurd,

(please watch this, I am willing to bet you will freak out from happiness after)
it's just that the majority of tuneage came be plunked into those specifications.

Now, this is where I get to the point, below are some of my favorite "you're a dick/bitch" songs.

Descendants- Clean Sheets

Carly Simon- You're So Vain

Hall and Oates- Rich Girl

Supertramp- Breakfast in America (also known as "girlfriend)

And for when you feel bad about singing all that shit talk

Thin Lizzy- Running Back

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