Monday, March 7, 2011

Style Assault

I would like to introduce you to a new feature here at The Unicorner called Style Assault, here we will examine the awesome style and attitude of some of music, film, and histories most bitchin rebel rousers.

For our innaugural Style Assault post I would like to present The Hardcore Sax Guy from Lost Boys!

Now, this movie resonates in the hearts of many people and who among you can say you don't totally believe right along with H.C.S.G (I'm not typing out Hard Core Sax Guy again...shit...I just did)

Not only are his moves hypnotic his style is so right on it makes me rethink my own clothing arsenol.

For those who haven't seen Lost Boys (blasphemy!) or for those that don't remember (impossible!) please view below

i would like to point out the jerks at youtube have disabled all videos with the song AND the dance moves so here is an audio of what he is supposed to be singing to in the above video. it kinda ruins the moment but you get the picture

A few choice screen caps

Hot right? Now, let me present how to make this haute couture runway look suitable for everyday

subtle is my middle name.

so tomorrow morning, when you are getting dressed and you catch yourself reaching for your old faithful whatever it is you like to wear everyday think of H.C.S.G and throw a saxaphone on your back, or like 20-30 belts. It will improve your out look on life, and who knows by the end of the day you might be a believer too.

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