Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come in Future, do you hear me?????

Its 2011. HO-LY fuck. We are officially knee deep in the future (don't get all technical with me, yes I know every moment going forward is the future)or shit, which ever you prefer.

There are about a million-billion things that aren't lining up with the pasts prediction of the future. no world peace, no hover cars, no cleaning robots (roomba doesn't count yo)no moon vacations...We don't even have the gritty, dirty post apocalyptic future laid out by Blade Runner or Running Man! Where are my reality shows featuring criminals in obstacle courses pursued by American Gladiators??!!

I think the one largest issue I am having with the faux-future, as I like to call it, is lack of video wrist communication. WTF.

I have spent years (and I'm not joking) waiting for all my communication needs to be strapped to my wrist in a fashionable, yet functional piece of awesome. Don't tell me the technology doesn't exist, my freakin Ipod is so small it can be lost in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans, and I don't need the computing power of a small nation like the iPhone. All I want is to look down at my wrist, all stealth like, and say "Great India? I'd like to place an order for delivery....."

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