Sunday, January 16, 2011

You know just a lazy Sunday

Getting my rooster ready for his cock fight......

Check out this amazing score from the flea market today. How preposterous. This man is calmly drugging his rooster in preparation for his death battle. in pink slippers no less. And it is all captured on velvet (which we all know is thee highest in class and sophistication)

I love this shit. It encompasses everything that good/bad art should be. cheap (check), insane subject matter (check), velvet (check), executed with a modicum of skill (check). And there we have it people. ART.

Now where to hang it........

1 comment:

Dirty Donny said...

Can't believe you scored that velvet. I'm glad it's kinda half mine lol. But finding something like that is the reason you get out of bed early to hit the flea market right?