Friday, January 14, 2011

Delorean Wishes and Trans Am dreams

Most people that know me are aware of my undying love for all things slightly over the top. I'm not one blend into the background. I demand excess in love, life, clothing, cars, diamonds. I can't just have 6 unicorns and call it a collection. I need 600, and a special pink unicorn shelf, and a tattoo......lord.

I have been known to just start yelling and dancing when I feel things have gotten to stagnant, then before you know it everybody is having a grand ol time! I am not particularly skilled. I cant sing, play music, dance well, draw well, build things....all I have to give is a big smile and a winning attitude, and baby I'm gonna give it till I can't no more.

But I digress.

I think to compliment my undying awesomeness and complete my image one of these marvels of modern technology are required.

If I had the chance I would gold plate the whole thing, gold aluminium bumpers, gold baby dayton wheels, sparkly gold shag seat covers, gold headers, gold air cleaner. GOLD.

We could go for a ride together and you know what? We would look so rad.

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