Monday, January 10, 2011

Spirit Animal

In all seriousness I have always wondered what my spirit animal was. I fancy that it is a unicorn and I take every chance I have to tell people that, but as we all know you do not chose your spirit animal, it choses you.

I doubt it's going to reveal itself in the middle of SF where the closest thing to wildlife I see on a daily basis is pigeons I dont think it comes as easy as a facebook quiz either....

At first glance you wouldnt peg me as an outdoorsy person. And your partially right. I do enjoy many of the ammenities modern science and fashion has afforded us. I'm not sporty or skilled in the least but when I do get the chance to remove myself from the concrete jungle I relish in it.

Maybe next time I'm on a camping trip I'll take a few tokes and try to commune with my spirit animal.

I bet it's something totally rad. like a Unicorn.

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