Sunday, January 9, 2011

If wishes were fishes part 2

Yeah, Yeah, life is pretty amazing. I have a super rad husband, totes cute pug, supportive family, I know I shouldn't be greedy but to quote the ever awesome Violet Beauregarde "I want it all" so here is part 2 of the wish list. Now, the last time I posted this I put something on there I could never even dream of having, and I got it. hmmmmm, Seeing that my 11 year old PT Cruiser is about 3 seconds from shitting the bed, and as rad as the Escaper is it's not really a grocery-getter, I'm gonna do a little candle lighting to the mysterious forces (who by the way totally did NOTHING to help me during the last mega millions lottery drawing) in hopes that they drop a nice new (semi-new is cool too) car off, and a few other things........

Zana Bayne Leather Harness

Bondage for the modest

2011 Plum Crazy Purple Hemi Dodge Challenger!!!
the only appropriate daily driver for mopar muscle obsessed fools like us

Jeffrey Campbell Lady K boots
Paging Dr. Awesome!!! Get me 2 cc's of these quick!

Stevie Nicks Tamborine
Fuck Yeah I play tamborine in the band, you gotta a problem with that?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

prettypretty pleeeease???? I have wanted to go since it was dirt and a dream...

Instax Mini 7S instant Camera

Polaroid for the FUTURE

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