Monday, January 17, 2011

Prison Art

I have never had the privilege of attending a prison arts and crafts fair but it is definitely on my list of to-do's. Does anyone know when or where there will be one? I smell a road trip!!!

One of the least documented and most radical forms of prison art is the tattooed tumbler. They no longer sell these types of cups in the commissary so this may well become a lost art.

They are created by placing a drawing on the inside of the cup held in place by a sock. The inmate them uses a super sharp needle to poke tat the image all the way around. When finished you rub ash into the holes and VOILA, drinkable art.

We had a buddy a while back who had a whole collection. And boy was there some sick stuff. Disney characters doing the nasty, sad girls and low riders, I wish I had some pictures of them to share. For the sake of your psyche and beloved childhood memories it is probably best that I don't.

Here is one I stole from

And so we don't leave on such a heavy note, here is a fluffy kitten

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