Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited is one of my favorite movies, it isn't very well received, even by Wes Anderson fans but for me it is complete perfection.

Every time I watch it I instantly want to dress in Louis Vuitton sportswear, become incredibly wealthy, take a shit ton of pain killers, smoke like cancer ain't no thang, and travel the world on train. With my trusty assistant providing itineraries, laminated of course.

But by far the most amazing is the custom Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton luggage that acts as a 4th main character throughout the film (Get it, baggage? they're carrying around a shit ton of baggage???). They feature drawings of palm trees and animals done by Wes Anderson's brother (who coincidentally does all the art for his movies and is my single greatest artistic influence) Example below

But enough about me and my awesome art (now accepting commissions, $20, full color 11X14, portraits,pets, memories, DREAMS)

Here are some shots of the legendary luggage set. Enjoy, be warned though, pieces (allegedly) appear for sale from time to time and if I see you with one of them I will mug you. its a fact my friend. I'll apologize and make you dinner to make up for it but I'm not giving it back.nowaynohow.

My Darjeeling Limited inspired travel outfit

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