Friday, January 7, 2011

What's in my bag

So I am succumbing to the ever so popular blogger fall back "What's in my bag?????"

As if.

Like anybody's bag is that perfectly staged and stuffed at all times with the latest gadgets, makeup free from "makeup bag dust" and all the most adorable accoutrement's . Except for mine of course.............Ok, I can't lie. My usual day bag includes receipts, gum wrappers and a plethora of pennies (those ruthless SF meters take up all my precious silver money) BUT, when I wear my Chanel,well, that deserves some respect. So yes, this is what is in my bag today. Just not everyday. And of course, the phone that should be included in the pic is being used to take the pictures, so please excuse the craptastic quality. It'll get better I promise, hang in there baby!

Bag: Chanel

Wallet: Chanel / Sunnies: Raybans

Watch: Dirty Donny for Vannen / Makeup: Marc Jacobs perfume, Fresh Sugar Lip Chap
Camera: Crappy one I never use cause it sucks and digital takes less time

1 comment:

The Real Yvette Lee said...

I think you forgot to mention "several porcelain unicorns"

Very impressive dispaly of restraint. Even when I try, which is semi-annually, I can get down to double that.